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Cy-Hope was birthed by a core group of people concerned about the children in our community. Cy-Fair I.S.D. is the third largest school district in Texas, and the 22nd largest school district in the country. Unfortunately, over half of the over 117,000 students in Cy-Fair are labeled as at-risk, meaning a family of four makes less than $40,000/year (with 38% of those making less than $22,000/year).

Cy-Hope serves as a catalyst to bring needs and solutions together, bringing hope to at-risk children so they will grow into educated and productive citizens. This will, in turn, make a lasting and positive impact on the community of Cy-Fair. Our vision at Cy-Hope is to rally our entire community: businesses, education, churches, civic organizations, hospitals, and individual volunteers to advance the goal of making life better for kids in Cy-Fair.



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