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Indoexchange sells solid Teakwood furniture directly imported from Bali Indonesia. Indonesia is the third largest producer of teakwood in the World. Teakwood is the hardest, most durable and strongest of the hardwoods, making it the perfect material for outdoor furniture that lasts. Its naturally high oil content work as as built-in natural water repellant.Teak’s natural beauty, yellow brown to dark golden heartwood and white sapwood. Our furniture are handpicked by our team and the Amazing handcrafted handmade by the balinese people from the island. We are very proud to bring these beautiful furniture to your home and can be passed on to next generation since the teakwood is very strong and last for a very long time.

All our furniture are handmade no manufactured or factory made. Our company mission is to help the income of the local Balinese people to better their life by purchasing the furniture from their home and small stores where they are running their business. Balinese people are very friendly, kind and proud of their inheritage, we are so honored to know them closely. We can custom made the furniture depending on the size, finishing color, and the shape of them. Our furniture is one of the kind being handmade there’s no two pieces are the same So, let us bring these beautiful furniture to your home!


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