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We are proud to present KinglySlate, a magnificently beautiful natural stone veneer that is revolutionizing the way natural stone is used. Revolutionary because it is thin, lightweight and flexible. Yes, natural stone that is flexible.

It can be used for interior or exterior applications. This material is perfect to be used on accent walls or even inside showers. It will conform to round or square columns, and works great on kitchen islands.

It provides a natural stone veneer without the cost, weight and waste factor of full thickness stone veneer. Our veneer is 1/16 to 3/32 thick. It will bend to cover a column or concave or convex wall.

KinglySlate is made of 100% natural stone; it is natural stone but with extremely less weight in comparison to traditional stone veneers. It can be used in exteriors and interiors and it will adjust to any project: commercial, residential, governmental or retail.

Who We Are

We are Kingly Slate Texas, based on Houston,TX, is redefining stone and the manner in which it is found, cut and installed. Our unique portfolio of products includes KinglySlate, a stunning and flexible stone material that is revolutionizing the building industry. Our mission is to bring the utmost inspiration and innovation to our clients while maintaining a commitment to the environment. We accomplish this by traveling the world, seeking out the most beautiful stone materials we can find and then manufacturing it into an light weight, easy-to-install format. Please join us on our journey as you explore photos and descriptions on our website. We welcome your thoughts and questions.


  • 100% natural stone surface
  • Thickness: 1/16” – 3/32″
  • Weight: approx. 0.31 – 0.33 lbs./ft.²
  • Sizes: 4 x 2 ft. and 8 x 4 ft
  • Flexibility: bendable, can mold to round the figures
  • KinglySlate is resistant to ultraviolet rays
  • Easy to install and cut, even with a long-nosed tin snip
  • Low maintenance
  • KinglySlate can be installed on exteriors and interiors
  • KinglySlate meets ASTM C297, ASTM C481, ASTM D696 and ASTM E84 tests report


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