Our President

Tony Wood, President of Texwood Shows, Inc., has been producing successful home and garden shows and other events for 20 years. Bolstered by 35 years experience in marketing and advertising, Wood studies his target markets carefully and has a keen sense of what communities want from an event and how to make it a success. Trust is the foundation of Texwood Shows, Inc. With each event, Wood and staff work hard to earn the trust of business partners, vendors and show attendees. Establishing and maintaining this trust is what has made Texwood Shows, Inc. a success.

Our Experience

Texwood Shows, Inc. picks just the right facility and location for each event, making sure that it is attractive, appealing and easily accessible. The perfect location is then filled with exhibitors who offer a variety of high-quality products and services. “We always focus on bringing the latest products to our shows, because that’s what consumers want to see,” said Wood. to ensure that Texwood Shows are well-attended, a great deal of emphasis is placed on advertising, marketing and promotion. Comprehensive advertising and publicity campaigns reach out to major-market media. Additionally there is a real emphasis on establishing relationships with regional and local market media. The Texwood Shows, Inc. production team works hard to take care of their customers and assure that exhibitors have what is needed to get the greatest return on their participation in the event.

“We do everything possible to make sure that the show experience goes smoothly for everyone,” said Wood.