The History of Texwood Shows
About Us

Texwood Shows was started over 20 years ago in the greater Houston area with one simple goal in mind. To have live events where homeowners could meet companies about renovation projects. Instead of tracking builders one by one, customers could find them all in one place.

We started with the Spring Home and Garden Show in The Woodlands in 2003. Since then we have only grown to expand our live events to:

Bolstered by 35 years of experience in marketing and advertising, Tony Wood, President of Texwood Shows, Inc. has built this event company from the ground up, working hand in hand with both customers and vendors. Trust is the foundation of Texwood Shows, Inc. With each event, Wood, and staff work hard to earn the trust of business partners, vendors, and show attendees. Establishing and maintaining this trust is what has made Texwood Shows, Inc. a success.

Texwood Shows always focus on bringing the latest products to its shows because that’s what consumers want to see.

Texwood Shows is offering customers and vendors more access than ever before. Not only can you view our events in-person at our live shows, but you can search for and find home renovation companies right on our website. No matter the time of the year. In addition, you can view our show digitally on your phone, computer, or smart tv. We give you the tools to start your journey the way you want it.

We target homebuyers looking for the right company to handle their project, and we are looking for the right vendors who will consistently improve their services.

We make the home renovation process simple and give you unprecedented access to the information you need and want.

Search local professionals for your projects!