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Advanced Body Scan offers the latest CT technology to detect illnesses such as heart disease and cancer months or even years before symptoms may appear. If you are up against these silent killers, early detection can exponentially increase your chances of survival.

Advanced Body Scan has scanned over 70,000 patients, saved countless lives, and has granted peace of mind to others. When you turn to Advanced Body Scan, you can be confident that your concerns will be handled by highly qualified professionals to put you in control of your health.

Our Scan Could Save Your Life.

The Process

All preventive scans at Advanced Body Scan are performed on the latest GE CT scanner. The scan process takes only a few minutes and can provide you with information that can make the difference between years of treatment or simply a change in lifestyle. Following your scan, your results are evaluated and read with care and precision by our licensed radiologist and delivered to you to share with a doctor of your choice.




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