Architectural, Landscape, and Permanent Holiday Lighting.Fully Customizable and Color-changing Capabilities. One System, One Installation, Many Years of Limitless Options.

– Exterior Lighting System: One of the most compelling features of our product is the ability to turn on just a few soft white lights to highlight peaks, columns, and corners of your home. Replace traditional can-lights or halogen uplights with these energy-efficient LEDs for nightly illumination.

– Deck Lights: Fully integrated into the exterior-lighting system, our deck lights enable full-color customization, matching your deck to the house and extending the benefits of these energy-efficient LEDs into your outdoor living spaces.

– Landscape Lights: A fully-integrated, customizable landscape lighting system, adding to traditional uplighting of trees and architectural features all the benefits of this amazing LED product.

Adaptable and beautiful

Our exterior LED lights provide fully-customizable beauty to any architectural lighting accent, from warm white to the brightest colors, but are simultaneously energy-efficient, durable, and as high-tech as you need them to be. Use them every night!

Never Hang Christmas Lights Again

You donโ€™t notice them until you want them to be noticed. Installed in a color-matching aluminum track, and tucked away under the roofline, your permanent holiday and architectural lighting system is inconspicuous. Until you want it seen, and then it shines bright!

Versatility and Simplicity

Make any light any color, or use our preset patterns, or leave some lights off all together. All of the pictures you see on this site are from the same lighting system; it does it all! One system, and one installation, gives you architectural lighting for everyday use, Christmas lights, Halloween, Independence Day, and your game day and on and on.



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