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At Built Green Custom Homes, we offer comprehensive custom home building programs and services that will help you design and build your dream home. From day one, we work alongside you to secure the necessary materials, manpower, financing, and knowledge that you need to build the perfect custom home. When you need the most professional, experienced, and best custom home builder in Magnolia, TX, you need Built Green Custom Homes.

At our custom home company, we will help you select suppliers, contractors, and banks so you can make your dream home a reality. Our comprehensive services assist you with evaluating your needs and expectations while helping you find the right people for your vision. Whether you’re looking for a large bank loan, need certain materials for your home, or need workers to complete a huge step in the building process, we can help you connect with the right people.

Through our education programs, we teach you the necessities of designing and building a custom home. Our flexible program helps guide you through the process while allowing you complete control over final decisions. In this way, we act as a helpful guide while you turn your vision into a reality.

What places us above our competition is our experience and reputation. We’ve spent years perfecting the craft of custom home building, and we know the right people for each job. Additionally, our experience grants us insight into what you need, and we understand how to communicate your big ideas to the team you want to work with.



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