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COOL YOUR SPACE with the Cool-A-Zone CoolBox for $1 a day! Cool-A-Zone’s line of evaporative coolers provide relief to patrons and staff in nearly any indoor and outdoor setting. The Cool-A-Zone CoolBox is not an air conditioner. It does not contain any chemicals and does not need to exhaust. The technology creates the effect you feel from a breeze passing through rain. Rain droplets draw in heat and the resulting air feels cooler. Similarly, ambient air passes through the fan of the CoolBox and across the damp honeycomb pad resulting in up to a 10 to 15 degree drop in temperature. Cool-A-Zone offers several models ranging in size, area coverage and airflow. All models contain a wide array of features including fan oscillation, multiple fan speeds, on/off timer, heavy duty casters and remote control making it ideal for any busy indoor/outdoor areas.



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