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Glow Path Pavers is a family owned and operated landscaping supplier with unique pavers and stones. Our products glow in the dark. Glow Products are a unique way to add a subtle, glowing accent to many types of concrete paver installations. Explore the added appeal of glowing polymeric sand when installing maintaining, or updating a paver patio.

Incorporate the dramatic glow effect of our luminescent Glow Products aggregates to your next flatwork project to create a dramatic installation in your next residential, commercial, or municipal job.

All Glow Products contain a concentrated, photoluminescent compound that emits a subtle glow for 6-8 hours after sundown. It’s a great addition to any existing paver installation, providing a unique green, aqua, or blue accent to your customer’s residential paver installation.

Glow Products aggregates (also referred to as Glow Stone) offer that same soft glow to your flatwork or wet cast installations. Glow Products aggregates are available in a range of diameters, ranging from 2mm to 12mm, and are also offered in emerald green, aqua teal, or sky blue. Choose a combination of colors and sizes to create an impressive ambient night time effect.

The Glow Products staff can work with you on recommendations for prepping and incorporating the Glow Stone aggregates in your next project or installation.

Our Glow Path Pavers gallery shows just a small sampling of what these one-of-a-kind solar pavers can do for your residential, commercial or municipal hardscape projects. This is a whole new way to transform your exterior or interior space into a brilliant showpiece that will be the envy of everyone! We are pleased to announce product availability now in Texas, Michigan, Florida, California, Oregon, Washington, New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, with New Mexico coming on board soon!.



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