Kitchen Craft International

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We train you to be the local “Mom and Pop” consultant that conducts health and wellness cooking and environment classes and you sell and service an American made cooking system that started in West Bend Wisconsin in 1906.

The waterless cooking concept that we introduce, requires live or virtual demonstrations to be understood, and that is your job and business. Our huge advantage over retail and online stores is that we show them how it works, explain the endless health and savings advantages, impeccable personalized customer service and ongoing customer training programs through cooking classes that you would be trained to conduct. This is what today’s customers want and what you would provide, personal service.

Our team assists you in ongoing training to help you schedule cooking classes and local events. We even provide the pop up display that you may borrow or purchase while we train you to market and promote your business in the community. Each consultant is provided with a $1,000 advertising allowance to get you started, which can be used for local ads, trade shows and events in your area.


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