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Our journey started over 7 years ago, working in landscape design. Adapting beautifully arranged plants into wall art began as an experiment and became an innovative challenge: we wanted to create green, botanical art at any scale; and it had to be stunning, unique and easy to care for. The result is My DIY Terrarium

After working with living walls, our concern about their upkeep and longevity led us to develop a simplified solution for turning green walls into effortless indoor art. Through trial and error we discovered how to eliminate many of the challenges with living walls – My DIY Terrarium’s Moss piece doesn’t require water. There’s no expensive grow lights, fertilizer or chemicals. No onsite plumbing or reinforced walls…we make it easy to enjoy nature’s beauty indoors!

In today’s busy digital world, we underestimate the importance of maintaining a connection with nature. We love bringing the outdoors into the heart of an indoor space, and creating art from our ultimate source of inspiration: our love of nature.



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