Wall Designs Solutions creates unique, one – of – a – kind wall finishes, using the finest Italian modern plasters, metallic finishes, liquid metal, plaster, clay, acrylic paints, waxes and patinas. What results is a permanent art piece that will not fade, crumble, crack, and will have a labor and materials warranty for as long as it lasts. Tatyana Hellinger is a Houston-based artist, that can work with customers from an idea, a suggestion to a sketch, sample and final completed design. She can work with an idea or design, that is more fully visualized. Normally this process would consist at least from two different people.

Tatyana’s background is European and it reflects in her art and in its delivery and presentation. She was exposed to historic and modern architecture and interior design from Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Italy, Hungary, United Kingdom/ London, Scotland/Edinburgh and Glasgow and Ireland. She has traveled extensively throughout those countries and lived in the UK and Ireland for over 13 years before arriving and settling in Texas in 2014.

Tatyana uses Italian plasters and other mineral and acrylic finishes together with patinas and paints by Frienzecolor, Novacolor, Vasari, Decora, San Marco, FirmoLux, Modern Masters, Valspa, Color Atelier. Also, she uses gypsum, dry wall compound and clay. The choice of materials is based on a customer’s project and individual choice and preference. Wall Design Solutions does not use sub-contractors and other artists in my projects



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