Subway Tile Backsplash Ideas for Your Kitchen

If you’re looking for ways to freshen up your kitchen, subway tile backsplashes are quite the trend these days, and once you try it—you’ll see why. Adding a backsplash to your kitchen brings the different elements of color and style together while adding texture, pattern and symmetry. 

As you’re considering tile backsplashes, you’ll need to first think about color and countertops. 


You want a backsplash that will compliment your kitchen and home as a whole, not a random design that sticks out in a bad way. What kind of countertops do you have? If you’d like to create a continuous look, match your countertops to your backsplash. On the other hand, you can add some contrast to your kitchen by choosing a backsplash that is an opposite or complementary color. Whatever you choose, make sure there is harmony between your backsplash and your countertops. 



It’s important to connect your kitchen with the rest of your home, or else you’ll have a snazzy room that doesn’t match the rest of your house. What is the main color in your home found on the walls, artwork, and furniture? Does it show up in your kitchen at all? If your kitchen is attached to another room, what is the main color in that room? Take a survey of your home and take note of repeated colors you find. Whatever color backsplash you choose, it should compliment this color. Or, you could use that same color and implement it into your backsplash!



Subway Tile Backsplash Ideas



An all white kitchen  

create an all white kitchen with white backsplash

This style is at the top of the list when it comes to kitchen trends. An all-white kitchen opens up the room, makes it brighter and cleaner. It also gives you the ability to decorate with more color and texture in other areas like furniture, dishes, china and more. You can create this look in your kitchen with white cabinets, white countertops and a white subway tile backsplash. 


To the ceiling

elongate your kitchen by going to the ceiling

Elongate your space and create height by extending your backsplash up to the ceiling! It will create a formal, sophisticated look and make the space feel more complete overall. Using white subway tiles for this trend will be the best option, as the white will not overpower the rest of the kitchen, making it feel seamless. 


Choose white grout

white grout

If your kitchen has a lot of color, like vibrant cabinetry or or rich tones, white grout in your tile will create a blank canvas for the rest of the kitchen to shine. White tile with white grout will give that sleek, clean look that gives room for other colors. At the same time, when using colorful tile, a white grout will allow the tile to pop even more. If you want your backsplash to make the loudest splash in your kitchen, a colorful tile choice with white grout is the way to go. 


Vertical, chevron or stacked subway tile backsplash

chevron tile

Why not change things up a bit? This will really make a statement in your kitchen, while appealing to the eye with the symmetry and pattern. While most subway tiles are horizontal, a vertical lay creates a more open, elongated and modern space. 


Pair with open shelves 

open shelves

Open shelving is a fun way to get creative in your kitchen and with storage. While cabinetry is always desired, sometimes you just need to open up the space a bit more. When incorporating tile backsplash, open shelving allows the tile to be seen and appreciated even more. All while featuring your favorite china, dishes, plants or quirky artwork that makes your kitchen look like you. 


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